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Choosing Greenspeed means choosing smart cleaning solutions. Smart because our products are efficient, innovative and ecological.


They are thoroughly tested, clean hygienically in an innovative way and without using unnecessary toxic chemicals. Greenspeed thinks about the people that work with our products.

greenspeed usa

Our products are user-friendly and are a joy to clean with. Greenspeed delivers efficient, effective cleaning with little water as possible and minimum amount of cleaning products to deliver a perfect clean.

Using our experience, expertise and innovation in bringing best possible practice to professional cleaning. Greenspeed offers a total solution of innovative microfibre products, high-quality cleaning technology and ecological washing. Our wide range offers customised products for all surfaces and a variety of applications: Interiors, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Floors and Walls.

Greenspeed works to strict environmental, quality and health standards, underlined by the criteria reached and certifications awarded to our business and our products, including GECA certification and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

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Home Why Greenspeed? Our Products Interest Form. Smart Cleaning Solutions which have a real and positive impact on people, the environment and the industry. Innovative Microfibre Products Greenspeed offers a total solution of innovative microfibre products, high-quality cleaning technology and ecological washing.Second Street. He is considered the foremost expert and business leader in the development and use of ECA technology for green environmental cleaning and disinfection in field of health care.

These solutions have been identified by the Center of Disease Control to be one of the most powerful, effective, safe and sustainable disinfectants known to mankind. Through the use of these products and developed protocols, he has dramatically reduced hospital acquired infections at numerous hospitals and set new standards in environmental services.

He has developed proprietary electrolytic cells and computerized ECA Water generators for on—site production. These certified generators and solutions are currently in use at several locations throughout the United States, South America, Europe and Japan. Nagano has more than 30 years of success in the Environmental Science industry, including senior management roles in sales, operations and support services.

He is the current Vice President of Operations for Aquaox, LLC and is responsible for providing leadership, management, technology development and strategic planning.

Prior to joining Aquaox, Mr.

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Tech Corporation pioneered the development and commercialization of Electrolyzed Water, Food Waste Bio Digesters and Nanobubble Technology for which it received numerous patents. In addition, he held general management assignments in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Mexico.

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As the Director of Engineering for Aquaox, Mr. Lambert plans and directs all aspects of engineering activities within the organization. Advisory Board Dr. Reza Ovissipour Dr.

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Ovissipour, is a senior food safety researcher at Washington State University. He received his first Ph. He came to U. Ovissipour published more than 60 papers in the area of food science and food safety and serving as an industry advisory board member for USDA-WRAC and scientific board member for several start-up companies.

He has several patents and was the founder of a biotechnology company in Iran, and commercialized several products. Currently, his research centered around food safety engineering.

Greenspeed Recumbents

Octavio Cieza, M. A native of Peru, Dr. He completed his internship at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, where he also completed an internal medicine residency. Cieza finished a 2-year infectious disease joint fellowship program at the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois.

greenspeed usa

Cieza is fluent in English and Spanish. Fred Ma, M. His fields of expertise are in CNS, oncology, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-fungal, wound healing, In vitro diagnostic, and other related disciplinary areas. Ma received his M. Jean F. Larose, a Canadian senior veterinarian, has been a consultant for more than 30 years in alternative health programs for animals and sustainable agriculture focusing on methods, products and programs that reduce the ecological footprint and secure sustainable production of food.

Larose has worked as a consultant for the Canadian Food Inspection agency CFIA and has a vast experience in bio-security measures for the management of global threatening zoonosis. Jean recognizes important improvements on the health status of farm animals where electrochemical activated solutions are being used to disinfect surfaces, prevention and removal of biofilms. However, many current cleaning and disinfecting practices negatively impact human health and the environment. All rights reserved.Besides the sustainability and safety aspect of Greenspeed detergents, there are many more advantages when compared to traditional agents.

The good bacteria absorbs odor molecules as well as remove substances that convert the unfriendly bacteria into foul odors. Probiotics are both preventative and curative!

As the agents use friendly bacteria, they do not have any hazard symbols. As a result, they can clean a lot deeper into the surface and crevices. Probiotics are, for example, extremely suitable for cleaning grout, and, through the use of probiotics, limescale and fats are not able to stick as easily to surfaces. Because of this, periodic cleaning frequency can be extended saving, time, and money. It is the first range of probiotic cleaning products worldwide to obtain these certificates.

You add the water to your desired strengths based on the cleaning solution needed. Greenspeed Probio was the first range of professional, probiotic cleaning agents worldwide to be awarded the EU Ecolabel. Being the first to obtain Cradle to Cradle Certified gold certification is a big step forward for Greenspeed. Greenspeed has developed probiotic cleaning agents, which ensure optimal, sustainable cleaning.

In addition, the products are ideal for tackling odor problems and are safe to use. The probiotic products consist of friendly micro-organisms of organic origin. Greenspeed Interior Cleaning Solutions. It is an international, independent, non-profit organization. Their quality model assesses products on 5 criteria: renewable energy, material re-utilization, material health, water stewardship, and social fairness.

GreenSpeed innovates, hospital hygiene benefits! A circular economy often referred to simply as "circularity" is an economic system aimed at minimizing waste and making the most of resources. This regenerative approach is in contrast to the traditional linear economy, which has a 'take, make, dispose' model of production.

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The probio products consist of benign microorganisms of natural origin. These bacteria produce enzymes which, both during and after cleaning, break down the microscopic dirt into tiny pieces. Probio products allows the probiotics to absorb the small pieces and digest them as food. The result: a microscopic deep clean and long-lasting absorption of odors.

Contact Us. Home Products Contact Us Shop. Greenspeed Smart Cleaning Solutions.Tadpole means two front wheels. These trikes tend to be more expensive, lower, faster and more stable at higher speeds than the delta trikes with 2 rear wheels. On the first I was alone and it was hilly. The other was pretty flat and I had the company of others on recumbents. Trikes in general and the Greenspeed, in particular, are great on hills! With the 72 gears on the GTO you can climb till the rear wheel spins.

I meant this as a joke but on dirt roads, this could happen…. At the start of the BROL 50 mile ride, I had a great time riding around the parking lot among the bents without having to take my feet off the pedals.

And the Greenspeed can turn very small circles in a parking lot, though the handlebars interfere with your knees a bit on the tightest. This interference is not a problem on rides, just tight maneuvers in parking lots. At the beginning of the ride, I raced to the front and stopped to count all the bents as they rode by. I should mention that the fastest dozen or so riders took the high road and climbed more vertical feet than the rest of us.

After lunch, we were pretty spread-out riding 25 miles on a pretty much flat road, upwind. I was in roughly 5th to 10th place and felt I was working harder than the two-wheelers around me. Greenspeed Anura Frog. Greenspeed Magnum. Greenspeed Anura. Greenspeed GT3. Greenspeed GTO.The Probio products consist of benign microorganisms of natural origin. These bacteria produce enzymes which, both during and after cleaning, break down the microscopic dirt into tiny pieces.

This allows the probiotics to absorb the small pieces and digest them as food. The result: a microscopic deep clean and long-lasting absorption of odours. The Probio products are of course produced responsibly using green energy. The products are safe to use and do not feature any hazard labels, i. The products even obtained a platinum score for 'material health' according to the Cradle to Cradle criteria, which is the highest possible score.

If the microorganisms return to the environment after use, they actively contribute to water purification and the preservation of natural microflora. Probiotics are therefore not just environmentally friendly, but also environmentally beneficial. Their quality model assesses products on 5 criteria: renewable energy, material reutilization, material health, water stewardship and social fairness.

Home Detergents Probiotic Detergents Probiotic Detergents Showing 6 of 6 Probiotic detergents are environmentally friendly and environmentally beneficial The Probio products consist of benign microorganisms of natural origin. Efficient, safe and environmentally beneficial The Probio products are of course produced responsibly using green energy. Quick view. Price Now.This hard earned experience coupled with the sheer pleasure of developing our unique recumbents drives us on to continually refine our trike designs and hone the comfort and performance of each machine.

Attention to detail is a way of life at ICE. From the first sketch of a new design to the final tightening of the last bolt, every part of the tricycle is scrutinised to ensure it will help deliver a ride worthy of an ICE trike.

There is something special about our trikes, when you ride one you will find yourself smiling, a lot. Written on Wednesday, 01 April Read more. All rights reserved. ISO Certification. ICE Trikes is openbuilding and shipping trikes around the world. We are taking all necessary precautions to keep our team safe and monitoring the situation daily.

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Di2 vtx black. Sprint X. Adventure HD. Full Fat. Discover more. ICE Trike Range. Technical Overview. Find a Dealer. ICE Strava Club. About ICE Trikes. As individuals, cycling is our favourite pastime. Engineering In the past British engineering has had a formidable reputation and we are proud to be part of its future.

ICE Trikes range of premium recumbent trike models, each one built to order by our expert team, delivers the most refined and comfortable ride available today, with the performance of a thoroughbred. That is why ICE recumbent trikes have played their part in setting world records, cycling to the South Pole, touring the globe in supreme comfort, and winning countless races as well as enabling people to enjoy their daily commute or a relaxed trip to the shops. If you don't have space in your shop, why not become an agent.

ICE Trike Dealer enquiry. Falmouth UK to Philadelphia in 4 minutes - 3, miles! New Website launched.The Australian company took their time making refinements and changes, but the finished product is definitely a hit with buyers and very uniquely Greenspeed. Most high-performance trikes use 26 inch or C rear wheels.

Ian Sims of Greenspeed has been designing and building trikes for 27 years and is a very vocal opponent of large drivewheels on tadpoles. Welcome to the Monday Morning Musette!

Are the front wheels of your high performance trike jealous of that deep dish aero rim on the C rear wheel? Bent Up Cycles has the solution with these new carbon fiber aero rims. Bent Up currently has 28 and 32 hole drillings in stock but can get other configurations. Check them out in more detail on the Bent Up Cycles Blog. Pulsing Drum Brake Repair Solution — Pulsing drum brakes has been a pretty popular topic of conversation on our message board lately.

Until now, it seemed like the general consensus was that evening spoke tension was the best way to alleviate this. Unfortunately, that is rather difficult for the average home mechanic and is not always effective.

greenspeed usa

Instead, Ian Sims of Greenspeed posted this new and simple technique that was developed by one of his customers.

Instead of adjusting spoke tension, this is a simple and easy way to just sand off the high-spots in an even manner. More info on the Greenspeed Web Site. We had some issues with Amazon and it looked like it would take a long time.

But guess what? You can find it on Amazon here and read more about the book here. This phenomenon was particularly noticeable in the US market. So a couple of years ago, he took a tour around the USA and visited some of his best dealers. The American dealers had a lot of very good answers to those questions and the Magnum is the result of their feedback. In a lot of ways, this is the first Greenspeed designed in the USA.

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When the Greenspeed Anura was announced a few years ago, I was eager to give it a try. I had never ridden a delta trike before two wheels in the rear, one in frontand I wanted to see if there were some pluses to that design, as compared to a tadpole two wheels in the front, one in the rear. And, as it turned out, there were, two of which I discovered very quickly: amazing turning circle, and the ability to sit vertically, resting on the back of the seat and the two rear wheels.

There were other things that make a delta different, if not better, than a tadpole, but those two stick in my mind. So what about this quad version of that trike? Are there good things that result from adding that extra wheel? Any bad things? I was eager to give this quad a try, and now I can tell you what I found out. Greenspeed had the Anura Quad on hand it was definitely one of the funnest machines on the test track.

First off…. The Greenspeed Magnum is here!